This page lists a few of my projects that I work on. These are primarily presented on which is my digital playground.

/dev/changer/CD Multi-Changer device for Linux
Amiga ProjectsAmiga Projects: cosmetic, localdev, scusee, relative
ecmhEasy Cast du Multi Hub
empcdEvent Music Player Client daemon
FuzzAuthAuthenticate securily
IPv6PuTTY IPv6 and other IPv6 patches and information
Massar's NetworkAll in One Internet Connectivity Service
MesyxMesyx - Secure message exchange
OnatoppKeep your Windows on Top or make them transparent
ONCGenChromeOS OpenVPN ONC Generator and Setup/Configuration Instructions
Radio.UnfixRadio with Multicast support
Secluded SocietySecluded Society - furthering secure private communications and freedom of expression and opinion
SixXSFree IPv6 connectivity
TalamascaLinkup a BitlBee to a real IRC Network
TridentTrident - Trusted Information Exchange Toolkit