Jeroen Massar
Jeroen Massar

Welcome to the personal homepage of Jeroen Massar containing all kinds of tidbits that you might not want to know about me. See the Biography page for a more serious summary.

My nickname has been 'Fuzzel' since around 1989 which comes from my cat who was named Fuzzy Wuzzy. The nick thus dates back to the 'good old' Amiga and Demoscene days.

One of my mottos is "It's good to be evil" or otherwise said "Sometimes it is right to do the wrong thing". Great food and computing recipes alike have been discovered by accidentally cooking it a bit longer, adding too much salt or crossing the beams as such bad things are not always a contrary to good, especially when one keeps in mind from which point of view one is looking from. It is all about perspective.

What do you do for a living?

For the folks who don't know me from work, and thus ask what I do for a living, I'll typically answer "I play with the Internet" as that is pretty much aligned to what I really do, for the in-detail explanation though see my publications, project pages and the company I work for.

What do you like to do?

Next to what I do for a living, I love reading, traveling, hiking, skiing, diving, and generally being outdoor as a contrast to watching pixels fly over the screen with more text to read.

See my A Different Me page for a variety of locations where I had my picture taken. And check out the Where Have I Been? page for the locations I have visited.

How do you pronounce Jeroen?

My name, Jeroen is hard to pronounce for most people not accustomed to Dutch or Belgian. This is likely as except for the Netherlands and Belgium it doesn't seem to be a very common name. In French and English there is a more or less similar name Jerome.

How to pronounce Jeroen (yə-ROON)

If you want to know how you pronounce it correctly, you can listen to sample on the right. I found out that people seem to find it easy to pronounce it by saying "Your Room" but then with an 'n' in the end, this comes pretty close already to the real pronunciation. Don't worry if you can't pronounce it properly, I am already very pleased that most people know my name and bind it to positivity. Saying the name "Jay" or just the letter 'J', is a perfectly acceptible alternative too if you don't want to bother.

Arguments in discussions

Please follow this principle in order to avoid non-productive arguments with me: "Directly say what you want and mean, explain what is wrong, along with reasoning". I believe that it is very important to explain arguments as we are not necessarily always on the same line.

A very relevant read is Tact Filters by Jeff Bigler. Some people might jokingly add: "I am not arguing, I am explaining why I am correct".