Jeroen Massar Jeroen Massar

Welcome to the personal homepage of Jeroen Massar containing all kinds of tidbits that you might not want to know about me. See the Biography page for a more serious summary.

For the folks who don't know me from work, and thus ask what I do for a living, I'll typically answer "I play with the Internet" as that is pretty much aligned to what I really do, for the in-detail explanation though see my publications, presentations and project pages because indeed there is a lot more to it.

It's good to be evil

One of my mottos is "It's good to be evil" or otherwise said "Sometimes it is right to do the wrong thing". Great food and computing recipes alike have been discovered by accidentally cooking it a bit longer, adding too much salt or crossing the beams as such bad things are not always a contrary to good, especially when one keeps in mind from which point of view one is looking from. For instance if one grows up on the side of he Sith, you likely stamp the Jedi as evil as you see them murdering your people throughout the storyline. It is all about perspective which is heavily influenced by the amount and type of information you are able to get and force fed, thank you propaganda.

What do you like to do?

I love traveling, reading, hiking, skiing, diving, and generally being outdoor as a contrast to watching pixels fly over the screen.

See my A Different Me page for a variety of locations where I had my picture taken. And check out the Where Have I Been? page for the locations I have visited.

How do you pronounce Jeroen?

If you are not Dutch or Belgian then you have likely not come across my name quickly as there are only about 70.000 of us around the world. In French and English the name Jerome is quite similar.

How to pronounce Jeroen [jəˈrun]

If you want to know how you pronounce Jeroen correctly, you can listen to sample on the right. The phonetic spelling for Jeroen is [jəˈrun].

One trick I typically give to folks who try is to pronounce it is by saying "Your Room" but then with an 'n' in the end, this comes pretty close already to the real pronunciation.

One can also just call me "Jay" which is the name I use for the times one have to provide a name at a restaurant or coffeeshop and I don't want to explain how to write down or spell my name.

My last name is endangered in this as well, depending on the language I have active in my brain I'll either use the more-American pronounciation or the Dutch one, hence, if you hear me say my last name differently, you know why that is ;)

Too many Jeroens?

In the Netherlands there are quite a few Jeroens and thus multiple of us would be in the same group of people and one needs to find a nice way to keep us apart. Since the 'good old' Amiga and Demoscene days I have been nickname 'Fuzzel' by my friends who always thought I had too much pussy around me. Growing up we had two cats, Smokey and Fuzzy Wuzzy, the latter from which they derived my nickname. As Fuzzel is a semi-common nickname, you'll find me in various places as Fuzzel Squeek, which is in turn derived from Baldur's Gate Boo, the miniature giant space hamster, pitching a squeak.

Note that according to various search engines there are even multiple people called Jeroen Massar. DNS should resolve that issue as I am the only one in the massar.(ch|li|eu) domain. Socialistic accounts that are mine are linked from the bottom of the page so that one can check that those are really me.

Discussion Arguments

In a discussion it might seem I am taking a very black/white stance, which is spot on. I do this so that it is clear what my opinion is, thus allowing one to tackle a specific point I am arguing for.

Some people might think I cannot have my stance changed, but au contraire, this can be done given proper technical arguments. Indeed, even if I don't like the idea, if a proper argument is given then I'll be swayed to the other side.

Thus next to black and white there are a lot of greys and as can be seen from this page also quite a few colors. Any argument will have various pros/cons and anything can have merit, thus do bring those things up as counter examples in such a discussion.

As such please follow this principle in order to avoid non-productive arguments with me: "Directly say what you want and mean, explain what is wrong, along with reasoning". I believe that it is very important to explain arguments as we are not necessarily always on the same line.

A very relevant read on this subject is Tact Filters by Jeff Bigler. Some people might jokingly add: "I am not arguing, I am explaining why I am correct".