Jeroen Massar

Welcome to the Internet presence of Jeroen Massar.

This website contains all kinds of tidbits that you might not want to know about me.

For the folks who don't know me from work, and thus ask what I do for a living, I'll typically answer "I play with the Internet". A very short summary could be "I design and build secure privacy centric tools for improving Internet communication between people and machines". The in-depth explanation can be discovered by using my publications, presentations and project pages because, indeed, there is quite a lot more to it.

Currently working hard on keeping Ops-Trust running and implementing the v2 edition of Trident, that will be powered by Mesyx while seeing the world above by hike or bike and the world below with scuba.

Please see my Biography for a more serious and complete summary or read the Asked Questions for some other details.

Do not hesitate to reach out as stated on the contact page.